Miracle of Love

My concept of the theme miracles of love shows the critical and marginal side of relationships. Marginal in the sense, that pure happiness and love can change quickly into hate, fear or even death.



the first picture opens up my story and is strongly connected with the last picture. You see the flower Strelitzia who stands for optimism, love of life and spiritual freedom. So to speak, I represent with my first picture the single life without being sad about it


The Chariot
Strong will, success, confidence and risk appetite. Victory through personal effort, Triumph over obstacles in the way of life. Fresh start, will, enthusiasm and vitality, let stupidity and daily
Routine behind. On an internal level, the Chariot is a reflection of the aggressive instinct which is directed by conscious intention and goal-directed. It is a Change for the better.

This image depict the getting to know you ritual of two people. It is a
New beginning, the end of loneliness and the beginning of togetherness

The Emperor
Stability and order, self-control, conquest, ambition. Independence,
Authority and ambition to push him in order to achieve their goals.
Confidence and recognition, has determination, success and optimism, the fulfillment of wishes.

This image depict the stage of being in love. the person in this portrait has a friendly expression. He’s in love and full of joy.


Meeting problems with hope and energy, controlled passion,
keep Emotions under control, strength, vitality, energy and power. Opportunity put plans into action. The image of courage, strength and self-discipline from the start focused on a unique individuality.

This image depict the love, being together and coming closer between two people.


The Tower
Time of intense turmoil, difficult experience, brilliant inspiration
shock and upheaval. Suffering, caused by fateful forces.
The Tower represents that now power, authority and protection
are in a state of collapse and dissolution.

This image depict the transition between love and jealousy. in this picture you can see an embracing couple. however, the glance of her is digressing and thoughtful. The everyday life reached now the couple.


The Devil
In grief and depression are caught.
Inability to act properly.
Need to sublimate the lower and transform it into positive energy’s force.
The card of the devils says that you have to confront with all shadowy and bashful
This image depicts the stage of jealously. There you can see an interior shot with a man in it, who has a thoughtful glance. As well you can see a mobile phone next to him, however it’ the phone of his girlfriend. You can interpret his expression that He just read a message which wasn’t supposed to read by him

The Hanged Man
Adaptability, flexibility of mind.
Crisis and stagnation. The reversal of a situation brings weakness and doubt with it. The head- the rationality- is no longer controlling, so a new and expanding meaning of life can occur.
Old behavioral patterns die and the willingness to accept suffering and self- restraint may be necessary. This situation opens us to life, and life can hurt us, we feel us vulnerable awful.

This image depicts the stage of suspicion. You can see a mirror located in a bathroom with a message on it written with a red lipstick. It says: I’m back soon. It can be concluded that his girlfriend is something concealing from him.


The Hermit
Retreat of outside activities, be on the path to knowledge, to work on your own development, be calm and withdrawn, and need a self-check.
Need to approach things slowly, to find the right path.Time for inner reflection – meditation- this is the deepest loneliness, the isolation of the active or passive connection is used with the higher spiritual self, a communication between the spiritual sky and the material world. A wise leader who finds his own light and things to fulfillment, harvest time.

This image depicts the stage of a decision. The relationship is only hanging by a thread. There is only one decision. We see a long empty room, at the end of the room is sitting a person. the posture is similar to the meditation. It symbolizes the deep spiritual decision.On the left hand is a rose, and on the right hand a stone. The rose is hand lowered, this represents the decision it’s against the physical love and against the relationship.


The Aeon
Inner impulse to make an important change, recognizing that something important has changed, follow his inner voice, revival, Liberation, salvation.
The card points us what we done and how we have created even the future that awaits us. By insight and understanding, we can forgive ourselves.
We are open for self-criticism and change; here are mistakes and creative efforts of the past combined, to shape the future. The beginning of a more responsibly and fuller personality.

This image depicts the stage of betrayal. Shown is a bathroom. In the tub lies a person as a lifeless ghost. On the wall you see a message (Not finished yet) written with blood (Color) .
The message means that the physical love is now ended but the love in general will always exist. Love doesn’t need the mankind but the mankind needs the love


As already mentioned the last image is strongly connected with the first picture. You see the flower Arum Lily, as known as the death flower. So to speak, I represent with my last picture the end of a relationship (love) that began as a miracle.


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